Wednesday, January 14, 2009


UH. It is past midnight and I should be asleep. But no. I am not. I am here with nothing to say. The furnace is running, the wind is blowing, I think it is probably still snowing... SIGH. Even when the temps are above freezing, and the sun is making a valiant attempt at shining, the wind still blows and takes all the fun out of it. And by fun I mean being able to breathe, because the wind obviously needs to use all the air and will leave none for you. Open your mouth to breathe and the wind says, "No way. And while I'm here you don't mind if I take anything you might still have in your lungs, do you?" So if you go out in it, first take lessons from your friendly neighborhood goldfish on how to gasp gracefully when you are out of water because that is what you look like trying to breathe in the wind. Oh, and watch out for ice. It will appear out of nowhere, especially if you are busy looking up at the snow you are trying to brush off your SUV windows and not down at the ground at all times. The ground which is a gravel driveway and should therefore not be slippery in some spots but not in others. Isn't that in the Gravel Driveway Book somewhere? And then after you catch yourself against the side of your vehicle, which is surprisingly clean after the freezing rain from earlier in the week somehow washed a lot of the salt off, (yes, yes I'm very grateful for that cleansing freezing rain if it saved me from having to wash my coat - but only because I didn't have to be out in it) you will look up to brush more snow off the back windshield and the WIND will blow it all in your face. As if to say, "In your face! "

Besides Mr. Malaprop leaving early this morning, no one opened an outside door today. And now I am sitting here in bed, listening to Jack Johnson, aimlessly clicking around the web and trying to shut off my brain.

First step: shut off the computer. Then read, pray, sleep. Then in the morning pop out of bed HAPPY, durn it. Take a lesson from this guy:

Peeks the Clown says, "Have a nice day!"


Holli said...

Though I didn't have the *exact* same experiences, I agree with you.

m!les said...

Our driveway at home used to be gravel. Every time it rained, the gravel would slide down onto the cement. Part of our sonly duty was to shovel it back up. After winter, was spring was thawing everything, it was even worse.

Plus, I hate breathing in the cold wind, too.