Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crabby people make me crabby

I was a member of a Yahoo group for homeschoolers in my state. I posted an off-topic request for doctor recommendations in my area and the moderator of the group sent me a brusque refusal to post my message because it didn't have anything to do with home ed. The general idea was "Find your own doctor and find another group to help you." Understandable to me if maybe this was a hopping group with lots of activity and postings, but with a total of 8 messages in the last two months? With 7 of those being "Hi, I'm new here" and "Re: Hi, I'm new here"?
I left the group. Then, curious, I googled this woman to make sure she wasn't someone I would meet if I joined a local group. She lives in another town, and from the comments I read of hers on other sites, she sounds quite belligerent. And she has family problems. And job issues.

Trying to remember: charity!

The group where we used to live had a lively Yahoo page with all kinds of messages and banter. It was a hopping group and fun to keep up with the help people got with all kinds of requests, questions and announcements. Including favorite doctors, dentists, or even restaurants. And there was always some fun activity happening.
I miss them. Things in this state are so sleepy.

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DblCz said...

I like your metaphor.