Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One more baby, Baby

Now that I'm into my second trimester I'm feeling better. Chances are if you were looking for me in the past few months, I was sleeping. This mothering stuff sure takes the mickey out of you sometimes. The spring has been full of swim lessons, soccer, birthdays, crazy weather and gardening. Not to mention the laundry and the cooking. Planning every single dang meal is the bane of my existence. And the home education? Uh, can you say "summer school"? Science and history were sorely neglected this year. On the other hand, all three boys are avid readers and have followed their math lessons so things aren't all bad.

Where to (re)start the blog. I just don't know. Part of the reason for my absence is that I have been following politics and news a little too closely. I'm far from ready to become a pundit, but I have been paying attention more than is usual for me. I say "a little too closely" for a few reasons, one being that reading and listening to news takes time and thought away from other tasks, even more so since my brain has been a bit foggy from interrupted sleep patterns. Another reason is that it makes me frown to hear all the downers the media is reporting recently. There was a time when news of mad gunmen, rigged elections or changing weather patterns didn't seem so personal. Horrible, yes, but farther away. I used to take the attitude that "this too shall pass" but now things seem to hit closer to home. I blame the internet for this, by and large. Lately I've started to cut back on the TMI and just listen/look at some headlines. For many stories I then wait a few days after the news breaks before I go seeking more. By then things seem to settle down and the important stuff gets sorted from the biased fuzz a little better. Sometimes. It was easier when I thought I could just take the news reports for fact and assume I was getting a complete picture. Now there is always more to be discovered. Always.

Other drains on time I previously used for blogging are Twitter and Facebook. Still not convinced of the value of those outlets for me, but I'm not ready to make a final decision on them yet. Some days they are the best thing evah. Some days, meh.

For today, this is enough. I have to stop somewhere. TTFN

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