Sunday, February 21, 2010

Too early morning

Boogers! I have missed you!
Because I pay for my blog over on Typepad, I have been giving it (just a little) more attention. But having tonight read through some of my old posts here, I feel like I want to get back to simply musing and chatting and keeping up with my days.
Stay.See. is losing its focus because I've been posting ramblings there, too, when really I want it to be a crafty blog. Problem is, with all the chaos in our house due to the remodeling project, I have not been a crafty girl since before the baby was born. At that time I made a bib and a bonnet for the baby - neither of which actually got finished. When she was born the bonnet was so big on her I set it aside, and she didn't need the bib either. Now that she's grown some (ok, a lot) the bonnet would fit, but she doesn't much like wearing hats and usually fusses until the hat is removed. The bib would come in handy because of all her drooling lately, but I do have others.
Rambling again, aren't I?

Here's the thing. Have you ever seen what is called a Skinner Blend in the polymer clay world of crafting? It's a color-mixing technique that traditionally gives you a sheet of clay with that ombre' effect of dark to light. It's like a paint-chip sample card, but with no definition between gradients of color - it just all merges seamlessly. This is what my days have been lately, blending together slowly. It's not a fog, just a meld of changes happening so gradually until I suddenly look around myself and say, "When exactly did my navy change to light blue?" And because I haven't blogged or journaled or whatever, I just cannot pinpoint anything.

Now I find myself needing to wrap up this post, but I got nuthin'. I'm reaching for something clever, but at 4:40 on a Sunday morning, having been up since the baby woke me at 2:00, my brain is not cooperating. And so, to bed again.

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